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I recently had the opportunity to try Rowlux® Illusion Film and I have seen some amazing projects done with it.  I decided to stay away from the paper crafts this time so I did a bracelet.  I tend to work with more muted colors so I had to push myself to think outside the box from what I normally do.  It also works great with all the embossing folders available.  I die cut some flowers and used my heat tool on the center flowers.  I glued the flowers to a wood bangle to create a bracelet.

rowluxflower1copyThis revolutionary material has been utilized in award winning point of purchase displays, packaging, signage, artwork, footwear, lighting, interior design, retail display fixtures and beyond. Our new frontier is the craft industry! There’s absolutely nothing like it on the market, and I personally believe without a doubt that Rowlux® Illusion Film is THE future of crafts!

Rowlux® Illusion Film is made in the USA and comes in a diverse range of spectacular eye-catching colors and patterns.  These durable, translucent, 12″ x 12″ polycarbonate sheets add instant pizzazz to craft projects, seasonal accents, party decorations, scrapbooks, greeting cards, jewelry, furniture, frames, gifts, favors, accessories, art and DIY home decor projects. Easily cut with scissors, Rowlux® is also the perfect material for scoring, folding, embossing and die cutting. The creative possibilities are endless. This innovative and inspiring new craft material manipulates light to create dazzling visual effects. The illusion of depth and motion is the result of thousands of tiny parabolic lenses that are molded into the surface of both sides of the material. These lenses create a pattern of light reflection and refraction resulting in stunningly brilliant optical effects.

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