I can Doodle too?

I almost always have several art journals going at any given time-although I never really considered them as art as they were just where I let my mind wander without having to be perfect and pristine.  I have a formal background in art and then switched to graphic design so its hard for me to look at this as all I see are the pencil lines that I forgot to erase and there is no shading or light source.  But this was something that I just did without over thinking it.  I watched several videos that my friend Susan did and it was really interesting for me to watch how another person’s creative process worked.

Pens are all from Kuretake-several of them are not available in the US as Kuretake produces many art/calligraphy pens that are sold in Japan and Asia only.  I started out with a black zig writer and a millenium pen but they weren’t giving me the look I wanted and they aren’t meant to work on slick surfaces.  I switched to the artist sketching pen and Bimoji pen(the packaging is totally in Japanese so I have no idea what it says – LOL and this from someone who is half Japanese.  I love Japanese art products.)

Recently, I made some big changes on the path that my career in the art/papercrafting industry was headed.  I left a position that I really enjoyed for the last several years as I felt it was time to try something new totally on my own.  So wish me luck!


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