My Word for 2012-CHANGE

Since today is my birthday and as I look back and reflect on the past year, I decided my word for this year will be change-I looked up the word change on Pinterest and there were so many amazing insiprational quotes.  I truly believe that you can change your life and it is what you make it. While I don’t see my life changing dramatically anyway this year, there are many internal things I want to change in my life.

I want to have more empathy for others.
I want to develop a closer relationship with my parents and my brothers and sisters.
I want to spend more time focusing on my husband and children(even though they are grown).
I want to keep my house clean.
I want to spend more time with my friends and let them know how much their friendships mean to me.
I want to focus on getting back in shape as I am doing a mini triathalon with my sister and my mom and my daughter but I want to continue to exercise even after it is over.

Here are a few other images I found on pinterest:


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