Some of my favorite oldies but goodies

If you are anything like me-I tend to hoard some of my favorite products that are no longer produced in the paper crafting industry.  I have several sets of Jenni Bowlin vinyl letter stickers from Lil’ Davis Designs and all kinds of transparencies and many different media stickers, such as the cork stickers from Creative Imaginations and the camera sticker from Pebbles In My Pocket. I have gotten rid of so many old products that I wish I could have kept but my house would be overrun with paper, stickers, clay, fabric etc.  Thus said I bought this yellow stripe paper from Pink Paislee several months ago but I have been waiting to use it. Let me explain more about this-I really like the color yellow.  But normally I don’t like to use it with photos since yellow tends to disagree with the skin tone of my siblings and myself(Japanese/Americans)-so I tend to avoid yellow.

I did have a happy accident with the wood letter S and I included a close up of it.  I misted it with Jazz Blue Glimmer Mist and added a layer of Chandelier Glam.  I decided to speed up the process and use my heat gun (I have a Milwaukee brand heat gun and it gets wicked hot) and I think I got it a little too close as it made the Glam puff up and then some of the edges turned a little brown but once it cooled it perfectly matched the warm, worn look I wanted for this album as it is all Hawaii beach photos.


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