Cloth, Paper Scissors-Gift Edition

I was so excited when I was given the opportunity from editor Jenn Mason of Cloth, Paper, Scissors to write an article and do several projects for the recent special edition Gifts magazine.  Again this goes back to the fact that I love to teach and share what I love to do and also how to recreate the projects.  I think the hardest part was writing the bio about myself. I would like to thank CPS for doing an amazing job photographing and organizing the articles and making my projects look great.  There are many beautiful projects by some amazing designers and artists in this magazine.

I wrote this article about creating your own customized gifts.  I grew up having an unusual spelled first name and a last name based on Japanese characters so it was a little hard to find anything with my name on it. Due to copyright,  I am only able to share the first page of the article here but if you want to read the whole article, please purchase the magazine from your local retailer, you will not be disappointed.

*In case you were wondering-the background page is white but when I scanned it somehow the page behind it showed through.


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