Halloween Inspiration with CreaTV

Recently I was asked by CreaTV spokesperson and My Craft Channel producer Kristine McKay to share a few of my projects with the Northridge Publishing viewers.

This was the first time I have ever been on camera and I knew we had to hurry as one of the cable companies was digging with a jackhammer to lay cable so we had to get it finished during their lunch hour.  I have to tell you that I was watching a Canadian tv show called Heartland and there was a scene where they are filming a video and the grandfather in the video looks at the camera and freezes. So I was a little worried I would do the same thing.  They told me not to stare straight ahead into the camera so I kept trying to look everywhere else.  Kristine is used to being on camera so she knew exactly what to do and say.  I actually enjoyed doing this and sharing my ideas with the viewers-I am more comfortable behind the scenes but maybe with practice I could actually do this more than once.  I am not saying I would want to do this every day or for a living. LOL


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