3-D Flower #2-Fresh Vintage Blog Hop

I was so excited to find out I would be getting this die-I love unique flowers and I think I own most every die, downloadable SVG image and cartridge used for making 3-d flowers.  I decided to try a different material for the flowers instead of tissue paper, so I used natural color coffee filters that I had purchased for making some Halloween garlands with doilies and black ribbon.  They turned out amazing as they don’t get soggy and disintigrate like tissue paper if you use any of the shimmery sprays available.  Thank you to Sizzix for providing the dies for this hop I really enjoyed it!

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Fresh Vintage Hanging Bird Ornament Blog hop

Hanging Bird Ornament

Welcome to the Sizzix Fresh Vintage Blog Hop!! I am so excited to be working with Eileen Hull’s Hanging Bird Ornament manufactured by Sizzix.

I decided to go with a Christmas theme this time since I really don’t have a lot of Christmas related projects that I have made.

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Cloth, Paper Scissors-Gift Edition

I was so excited when I was given the opportunity from editor Jenn Mason of Cloth, Paper, Scissors to write an article and do several projects for the recent special edition Gifts magazine.  Again this goes back to the fact that I love to teach and share what I love to do and also how to recreate the projects.  I think the hardest part was writing the bio about myself. I would like to thank CPS for doing an amazing job photographing and organizing the articles and making my projects look great.  There are many beautiful projects by some amazing designers and artists in this magazine.

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Halloween Inspiration with CreaTV

Recently I was asked by CreaTV spokesperson and My Craft Channel producer Kristine McKay to share a few of my projects with the Northridge Publishing viewers.

This was the first time I have ever been on camera and I knew we had to hurry as one of the cable companies was digging with a jackhammer to lay cable so we had to get it finished during their lunch hour.  I have to tell you that I was watching a Canadian tv show called Heartland and there was a scene where they are filming a video and the grandfather in the video looks at the camera and freezes. So I was a little worried I would do the same thing.  They told me not to stare straight ahead into the camera so I kept trying to look everywhere else.  Kristine is used to being on camera so she knew exactly what to do and say.  I actually enjoyed doing this and sharing my ideas with the viewers-I am more comfortable behind the scenes but maybe with practice I could actually do this more than once.  I am not saying I would want to do this every day or for a living. LOL