So excited!!

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Fun to finally see something you created come to fruition.  YEAH!!  I love being to think up images and  having the computer skills to create them.


Just Write?


I love pens-this is just a small part of my collection. I love, love my Zig pens for journaling on my papercraft projects. When these first came out I would buy 5 or 6 assorted pens whenever they were on sale or I had a coupon.  It took me almost a year but I think I have every color of the writers that were produced. I have one that finally stopped working this year that I used for almost ten years.  I have lots of other pens, including lots of white jelly roll pens and a very, small collection of Copic markers.

As a child-I was told to quit drawing my letters when we had to learn cursive handwriting.  Art was my favorite and in elementary school I was told I was very talented but all I wanted to do was draw and paint.  In High school I had lots of pens and pencils as I was in the advanced art class and became the layout editor of the yearbook.  As Graphic Design student in college-I learned to manually spec type by hand. I loved learning about typography.

Even now a majority of my projects contain my handwriting.  I think a lot of having pretty handwriting is just practicing over and over and over.  My maternal grandmother had beautiful penmanship and my paternal grandmother was a school teacher-I so love that I saved all the letters they wrote me over the years.  I think some of my favorite letters were the ones from my paternal grandfather-he had lost one of his ring fingers and he always used to trace his hand on the letters he sent me.  Wow do the memories flood back just thinking about that! So keep writing!!!


Crystal Laquer


I recently recreated this bracelet using Crystal Laquer from Sakura-I have had some of this for years and never thought to use it for jewelry.  I had done almost the exact bracelet using some of the other resins available on the market but I was having a hard time without overfilling it so this worked perfectly.  Great thing with this is that I already have a UV light-the TC Stampmaker LOL.  Love it when I can multitask.  So I made the stamps with the Stampmaker, stamped them, colored with Copics, put them in the bezels and filled with Crystal Laquer.  It was different from several of the 2 part epoxy type resins-like Ice Resin but it gave a nice effect as it was slightly more dimensional.