Random Blogging

My new friend Denise told me I need to blog more so here is some random stuff.

  • Two names you go by: Mom, Lara
  • Two things you are wearing right now: Jeans and a sweater
  • Two of your favorite things to do: Shop and Scrapbook
  • Two things you want very badly at the moment: lose more weight before I go to Europe this summer and more money
  • Two favorite pets you have or had: Yoda, Koa and Patches-current
  • Two people who will fill this out:
  • Two things you ate today: Turkey sandwich, strawberries
  • Two people you last talked to: Bryan (husband) and Erin (daugher)
  • Two things you’re doing tomorrow: taking kids to school and research
  • Two longest car rides: Utah to Indiana, Utah to California
  • Two favorite holidays: Christmas and New Years (my birthday)
  • Two favorite beverages: ice water and mango juice